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May 2015
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id Date Time Location Division Home Away Score Box
26428Fri, 05/01/20156:00 PMBQ York Catholic8UBUnited Parish IrishHellam Lightning  
26674Fri, 05/01/20156:00 PMCP Pleasant View10UCWindsor WildCentral Panthers 4  
26782Fri, 05/01/20156:00 PMCV Workinger12UBWindsor Wolf PackCraley Dodgers  
26855Fri, 05/01/20156:00 PMDE Cousler 812UCCentral Panthers 2Dover 14  
26631Fri, 05/01/20156:00 PMEO Shelley 210UCNEYSACentral Panthers 1  
26442Fri, 05/01/20156:00 PMFM Nitchkey 28UBRed Lion RaysWindsor  
26438Fri, 05/01/20156:00 PMFU Crist 38UBPYC PanthersConrads  
26597Fri, 05/01/20156:00 PMJG Brookside8UC NATIONALDover 8North Codorus Rookies  
26566Sat, 05/02/20159:00 AMEM Trimmer 18UC NATIONALWest York NavyWest York Royal  
26468Sat, 05/02/201510:00 AMCP Pleasant View8UC AMERICANWindsor Twp RocketsCraley Chargers  
26559Sat, 05/02/201510:00 AMDG Grieman 18UC NATIONALNEYSADover 7  
26723Sat, 05/02/201510:00 AMDR Craley Church Dugout10UBCraley OriolesDover 10  
26434Sat, 05/02/201510:00 AMFI Conrads 18UBConradsNEYSA  
26711Sat, 05/02/201510:00 AMHW Freysville 210UBWindsor RevolutionSYC  
26888Sat, 05/02/201511:00 AMER Trimmer 312UCWest York WhiteWrightsville  
26656Sat, 05/02/201511:30 AMEV Trimmer 210UCWest York WhiteWindsor  
26726Sat, 05/02/201511:30 AMFB Broad Street10UBWest York NavyWindsor Rebels  
26489Sat, 05/02/201512:30 PMCP Pleasant View8UC AMERICANWindsor TigersWrightsville  
26494Sat, 05/02/201512:30 PMFV Crist 58UC AMERICANPYC PanthersWindsor Strikers  
26885Sat, 05/02/20151:00 PMFQ - St Rose12UCUnited Parish IrishRed Lion Dodgers  
26899Sat, 05/02/20153:00 PMBN Nitchkey 112UCRed Lion AngelsPYC Panthers  
26603Sat, 05/02/20153:00 PMEC Conrads 210UCConardsPYC Panthers  
26460Sat, 05/02/20155:30 PMFV Crist 58UBPYC PanthersWindsor  
26421Sun, 05/03/20151:00 PMFI Conrads 1TballRed Lion MetsHellam Hurricanes  
26461Sun, 05/03/20151:00 PMFQ - St Rose8UBUnited Parish IrishRed Lion Rays  
26892Sun, 05/03/20152:00 PMEH Hellam 112UCHellam HeatCentral Panthers 1  
26450Sun, 05/03/20153:30 PMFH Hellam 28UBHellam LightningConrads  
26401Sun, 05/03/20156:00 PMEC Conrads 2TballConradsCraley Nationals  
26415Sun, 05/03/20156:00 PMFI Conrads 1TballUnited Parish IrishWrightsville  
26493Mon, 05/04/20156:00 PMAW Windsor Boro8UC AMERICANWindsor StrikersWrightsville  
26453Mon, 05/04/20156:00 PMBU Shelley 18UBNEYSARed Lion Rays  
26948Mon, 05/04/20156:00 PMCV Workinger12UAWindsor SpartansPanthers  
26794Mon, 05/04/20156:00 PMDI Dover Intermediate 112UBDover 13NEYSA  
26575Mon, 05/04/20156:00 PMDW Weiglestown 18UC NATIONALDover 6West York Charcoal  
26924Mon, 05/04/20156:00 PMEB Cabin Branch 112UADiamond 9NEYSA  
26547Mon, 05/04/20156:00 PMEM Trimmer 18UC NATIONALWest York NavyNorth Codorus Rookies  
26907Mon, 05/04/20156:00 PMEZ York Haven 112UAYork Haven RoyalsDover 12  
26686Mon, 05/04/20156:00 PMFB Broad Street10UBWest York NavyNEYSA  
26516Mon, 05/04/20156:00 PMFM Nitchkey 28UARed Lion BYUWest York White  
26540Mon, 05/04/20156:00 PMFX North Codorus Upper 28UANorth Codorus RookiesNEYSA  
26709Mon, 05/04/20156:00 PMHW Freysville 210UBWindsor RevolutionPYC Panthers  
26734Mon, 05/04/20156:00 PMJC Friendship10UBSYCCentral Panthers  
26953Mon, 05/04/20156:00 PMJE Clarks12UAHanover BulldogsCraley Phillies  
26569Mon, 05/04/20156:00 PMJF Dover Edgewood8UC NATIONALDover 5Dover 7  
26945Tue, 05/05/20156:00 PMBN Nitchkey 112UARed Lion BYUCentral Panthers  
26825Tue, 05/05/20156:00 PMBQ York Catholic12UBUnited ParishSoutheastern  
26815Tue, 05/05/20156:00 PMBX North Codorus Lower 112UBNorth Codorus MajorsWest York Navy  
26823Tue, 05/05/20156:00 PMCV Workinger12UBWindsor DevastatorsCentral Panthers  
26593Tue, 05/05/20156:00 PMDG Grieman 18UC NATIONALNEYSADover 8  
26653Tue, 05/05/20156:00 PMDP Crist 410UCPYC PanthersWindsor Wild  
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